ok so

so I\’m now hoping to have a tea blog.

I think it\’ll be motivation to drink more tea.
I\’m currently at the empty house but I did just get a \”pocket\” thermometer (it\’s totally got a pointy end and I would never keep it in my pocket) (also I need feminism because women\’s pockets are ridiculously small) so here\’s hoping I\’ll make another post here shortly.
I c&v\’ed the post from my blog that talked about tea.

also, I\’ll be using the following tags:
is it tea you\’re looking for: yum
not my cup of tea: ew
tea-rex: unable to replenish (extinct, get it?!)
teahee: not actual tea

I know, I know…  but I\’ve been camping adagio for the bella luna (rumor has it that the tea is stocked before the full moon but unsure at the exact time, and supposedly it sells out really fast) and their tea puns are rubbing off on me 😡

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