kinda bitter… will prolly lower the steeping temp and add some sugar

calm stomach

been drinking sweet dreams for most of the week but I love the mild peach flavor and sharpness from the ginger of this one. just added a couple more of the bigelow benefits line to my grocery cart, hah!

sweet dreams

super comforting- like a warm blanket on my insides!

cotton candy

didn’t smell like cotton candy until the hot water hit it, but then def did! tastes like cotton candy too but now that it’s cooling it smells kinda like plastic =/

raspberry herbal

one of my former coworkers gifted me his bag of sachets when he left the company. it’s a raspberry kinda day /shiver

organic blueberry jam

it smells delightful but a but tastes a bit chemically so if I get it again I would steep at a lower temp. still pretty good, though

hot chocolate

swiss miss hot chocolate flavor hot cocoa mix! yum!

spiced chai

I never can decide how to frame this to include the box =/

green tea

man I’d forgotten how bitter straight green tea is

honey lemon ginseng

my allergies are fucking me right now so my throat is a bit scratchy, ugh! this tea always makes me feel better ^_^

turmeric ginger

this is fucking intense! so spicy! but def helping with my stuffed up nose

cucumber mint

was super excited to try this but man… it doesn’t even smell good =/

honey lemon ginseng

oof drank several mugs yesterday and didn’t realize I was so close to finishing the box! only have one bag left but do have a grocery pickup scheduled for tomorrow and gonna try a few new flavors as well as replenishing this one

holiday tea

I was really excited to try this but it’s dreadful! I may try again at a lower temp but ugh so far

zingiber ginger coconut

and I thought it was cold yesterday! had to break out my all time favorite tea to deal with this shit

tropical green

with how cold it’s been this made me think of warmer times

honey lemon ginseng

bigelow’s earl grey used to be my favorite bagged tea but I’m not sure that’s still the case.

chai ultra spice

love how my office smells ^_^ it’s a bit mild so I’ll prolly try double bagging the next round

ginger & peach

was eating candy straight out of the cauldron yesterday and my stomach has been bitching all morning =/ love this tea though, smells so great

chai maybe?

I’m back bitches! moved to wordpress since blogger doesn’t have an app. hopefully more to come!

peppermint bark

this is delicious! dunno if it is actually my favorite or just the most recent one I\’ve had but I do no that I am super happy with bigelow\’s christmas teas ^_^ steep time: 5 mins steep temp: 208º F added: 2 perfecteaspoons of rock sugar

ginger snappish

pretty happy with this guy as well, both taste and smell! steep time: 5 mins steep temp: 208º F added: two perfecteaspoons of rock sugar

back in business!

got one off ebay ^_^ came canada post so took ages (arrived yesterday) but the seller packaged it really REALLY well so gonna try to order several more

white chocolate peppermint

I\’m being festive! and nostalgic 😦 I\’ll be so sad when I get through my stash steep time: 5mins steep temp: 205º F added: 2 perfecteaspoons of rock sugar


tastes nothing like egg nog but is quite tasty nonetheless 🙂 steep time: 5 mins steep temp: 205º F added: 3 perfecteaspoons of rock sugar

sweet dreams (again)

I have been through about an entire box of sweet dreams in the last week or so… it\’s been cold out and with my gimp teeth (dunno if I mentioned it here but I got 2 of my wisdom teeth removed the monday of thanksgiving week and could not eat solid food for about 3…

holiday tea

brrr.. it\’s cold out! and I keep forgetting to buy eggnog but I still wanted to be festive so I broke out holiday tea by harney. it\’s pretty good only I wish I\’d sweetened it a bit more. it also smells suspiciously of chocolate so I was worried but it\’s gone better than expected. steep…

sweet dreams

been having a pretty spastic day and as I mentioned earlier I broke my sloth sachet rest this morning. ugh. so pulled out sweet dreams and am hoping for a better rest of my day. steep time: 5 mins steep temp: 208º F added: nada


and it\’s no longer available at (well, at least not the US site). I ordered one on ebay and emailed davidstea asking if there\’s any way they would ship to the US. /sigh


the description says: A flavorful blend of black tea, cranberry, and almond flavors, Boston tea was inspired by the famous bogs south of New England\’s \’city on a hill.\’ well let me tell you, this stuff is pretty foul. heavy artificial flavor. tbf, I used about 3 spoonfuls of tea for my one mug, so…