thai rooibos

since teavana is gone I am hoping this guy, thai rooibos, can replace my zingiber ginger coconut rooibos.

thai rooibos ingredients:
Rooibos, cinnamon, ginger root, coconut pieces, cardamom seed, lemongrass, cardamom flavor, vanilla flavor. Contains natural flavors.

zingiber ginger coconut rooibos ingredients:
Rooibos, ginger pieces, candied coconut pieces (coconut, sugar), natural flavor, cinnamon, apple pieces, cardamom, black pepper.

they do taste pretty similar but something is missing from the thai rooibos.
it\’s still really good, don\’t get me wrong, but I don\’t know that I wanna call it my replacement.
of course, I also don\’t know that I\’ll find anything closer.

steep time: 5 mins
steep temp: 205º F
added: 3 teaspoons of rock sugar

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