organic ceremonial super premium matcha tea

so I bought this tea on amazon over a year ago and I\’ve been aching to try it.
the bf really likes green tea so I wanted to try it with him.
and, for christmas, I got a matcha bowl.  (I purchased a milk frother when I bought the matcha)

1) the matcha has expired
2) my thermometer did not properly read the temp of the water (too shallow)
3) I used a matcha \”spoon\” but just guesstimating how much matcha I used

round 1:

steep time: n/a
steep temp: unknown (aiming for warm, though.  water wasn\’t boiling and let it cool for a few mins)
added: n/a

it was fucking horrid y\’all.
smelled strongly of seaweed.
so fucking gross.
after we both tried it I dumped the rest down the drain

round 2:

steep time: n/a
steep temp: unknown (aiming for cool, though.  water straight out the fridge filter)
added: n/a

I used less match and a lot more water, and this round isn\’t ~bad~ but I still don\’t like it.
tastes like green tea that\’s been steeped too warm…  bit of a bite too it.
I think this is probably because it\’s old.

gonna try some that\’s been recommended on r/tea.
for now, I\’m gonna toss the rest of this container.

also, pics of the matcha and the container:

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