raja oolong chai

I got the rebound sampler set from adagio earlier this week and finally got the chance to try one.
I started with raja oolong since, even though it\’s not as cold anymore, I still like black spicy teas in cold weather.  even though it\’s an oolong, close enough imo.

the raja oolong is pretty heavy on the cinnamon for a chai, and when I looked it up on their website I found that it says:
A blend fit for royalty, this Indian inspired chai is a cinnamon lover\’s dream.
for the first line of the description.
gonna hafta give \’em points for accuracy lol
I ended up using the entire sample bag and it came out nicely.
the first round I used 5 teaspoons (for 2 mugs-worth) and it was a little weak, so I threw in the remaining 3-5 teaspoons (I just poured the remaining tea into a tea bag) for the resteep and it was really nice.

steep time: 5 mins
steep temp: 212º F
added: 4 teaspoons of rock sugar and 1 half & half

bonus pic of the sampler set:

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