vanilla chai

so, do you remember how great the hot cinnamon spice from harney was?
well I do.

in the move, I found some bags of cinnamon tea (black) by bigelow.
and we all know how much I love bigelow.
so I made a cup.  since I didn\’t know the age I decided to use two bags.  dry they didn\’t smell nearly as good as the harney stuff, but it\’s bagged, other excuses, etc.
I steeped it anyway.

smelled terrible so I threw it out.
along with all the bags of it.
and along with other bagged tea that I\’m not sure of the age.
with my cyber-monday purchases I\’ve got lots more coming.

anyhow, I wanted to stick with bigelow (plus my kettle still had hot water) so I went with chai.
sorry for the water spots, I didn\’t dry my cup after getting rid of the cinnamon tea.

steep time: 4 mins
steep temp: ~ 200º F
added: 3 teaspoons of rock sugar, 1 half & half

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