gone in two days, plus a rebound

I didn\’t get to post this yesterday,
on 11/29 I received an email from teavana indicating the online store would be closing on 12/15.
on 12/01 I received an email from teavan indicating the online store closed.

in 2 fucking days the entire online selection sold out.

I was telling the bf on 11/29 (in the evening) about it closing and how I wasn\’t going to order anything else and he suggested I get more white chocolate peppermint while I can, so I loaded up the store and at that point they only had 3 items left in stock.
I snagged an artisanal brewing kit as it contains a few teas and some rock sugar.  they were already sold out of all the teas I like, including white chocolate peppermint.

I can only assume they actually went out of stock on 11/29 or maaaaybe 11/30 but didn\’t send out a notification until 12/01.

in brighter news,
adagio is sending out free samples to people who bought from teaana before 10/31.
just email a receipt to rebound@adagio
here\’s a link for more info:
Adagio on Facebook
talk about good guy adagio, and what a great marketing idea.

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