tropical green

I forgot to take a picture >_<
I got some harney & sons tropical green to take to work.
after steeping the tea leaves had expanded quite beautifully.
I didn\’t much like the tea, though.
to be fair, it smells so AMAZING that I\’m not sure it could possibly taste as good as it smells.

I was using my new bonavita and in spite of reading the directions I don\’t think I was doing it right =/
I was aiming for 170F but it heated up to 173F anyway…
I waited for it to come down and figured I had just cocked up programming it.
it was a bit bitter and the color very light so I decided I would fuck with the temp for the next two steeps
went to 175F first then ended up just at 170F again.

over the course of the morning it grew on me.
I\’ll try and post a pic tomorrow, of dry and used leaves, and of the tea.

steep time: 1:30 mins
steep temp: 170º F
added: n/a

unrelated:  I bought a finum brewing basket and I am not sure I could be any happier with it!

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