huang shan mao feng

one of my profs gave me some tea he had been gifted by someone who brought it back from china.
my prof dislikes green tea, so jackpot for me.
the leaves are much bigger than what I\’m used to, and I think I will use more for the next batch I brew.  and maybe try a higher temp or brew a bit longer – I used the same time/temp I use for jade citrus mint but this guy doesn\’t have anything but leaves in it (as far as I can tell, anyway).
this tea looks like it would be great to drink grampa style, and I\’ve been thinking about trying teas that I can use with an infuser so big leaves would be great.
dunno how I would get more of this but I\’m sure I could find something similar.

steep time: 1:30 mins
steep temp: 170º F
added: n/a

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