vanilla rooibos

so you know how I\’d been saving the last serving of this tea?
well, 2 things.
1) I\’m celebrating – I got a job.  my previous employer is taking me back.
2) I actually ordered another tin on amazon a couple of weeks ago.

I love this tea ^_^

steep time: 5 mins
steep temp: 205º F
added: 3 heaping perfecteaspoons of rock sugar

I\’m also having some cookies left over from a baby shower I attended this weekend.
macarons in raspberry and lemon
a sea shell shaped cookie/muffin thing that\’s got a hint of lemon
a powdered sugar mound of a cookie
and some other cookie…  with raspberry jam or something?
they\’re all delicious but I have no idea what they\’re called!
I def wanna contact the hostess for my next tea party though 😡

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