peach bellini

you know, it smells an awful lot like peach serenity. peach serenity ingredients:Blended With Apple Pieces, Rose Hips, Natural Peach Flavor, Pineapple Pieces, Lemon Verbena, Chamomile Flowers & Apricots peach bellini ingredients:Blended With Apple Pieces, Orange Peels, Natural Peach Flavor, Strawberries, Rose Petals, Mango Pieces, Pineapple Pieces, Apricots & Papaya Flavor /shrugI actually read the…

peach serenity

I got off work early today so I decided to take the opportunity to try a new tea.^_^ I\’ve been regretting never trying teavana\’s peach tranquility since now that teavana\’s gone a few folks have posted on r/tea asking for help finding a replacement.  the descriptions sound amazing!I\’ve also been poking around adagio looking at…

on hold

welp, I\’ve been terrible about updating the blog with what teas I\’ve ben drinking at, I am gonna officially place this blog on hold for the time being. I do plan on starting school again soon-ish, and when that happens I\’ll be back to spending more time at my desk.until then, I will only…

jade citrus mint

nothing like the lovely jade citrus mint to help me feel better after a night of grossness steep time: 2 minssteep temp: 175º Fadded: n/a

lapsang souchong

it smells like liquid smoke imo,and I\’m kinda scared to taste it =/ will upload pics once I get home edit:pics and thoughts.welp, I couldn\’t drink it.  even though it tasted fine it smelled too much like machacado.gonna give it another try but I don\’t expect it to go well. steep time: 5 minssteep temp:…

hot cinnamon spice

yep, totally digging the hot cinnamon spice with no sugar. steep time: 5 minssteep temp: 195º Fadded: n/a

hot cinnamon spice

people keep saying that harney\’s hot cinnamon spice is sweet enough on its own but I just wasn\’t buying it.finally decided to try it today and yeah, it\’s actually great without sugar.go figure./shrug steep time: 5 minssteep temp: 195º Fadded: n/a

jade citrus mint

since most of my tea drinking now takes place at the office, I thought I\’d start keeping you updated.assuming there\’s time, of course.  I meant to start yesterday but was too busy. no pics since we all know what jade citrus mint looks like ^_~ steep time: 2 minssteep temp: 175º Fadded: n/a

sweet dreams

I took some jade citrus mint up to work, have def been enjoying it.didn\’t wanna commit to two mugs tonight, though, since we might have, love this one for sure steep time: 5 minssteep temp: ~ 200º Fadded: n/a

white vanilla grapefruit

sorry,I am still drinking tea at work,but not only am I in a communal area,but I\’ve not tried any new teas.until today. this stuff smells terrrrible!reeks of old ladybut, it does taste pretty good. steep time: 4 minssteep temp: 175º Fadded: n/a at work I\’ve got:– thai rooibos– earl grey supreme– tropical green– hot cinnamon…

thai rooibos

since teavana is gone I am hoping this guy, thai rooibos, can replace my zingiber ginger coconut rooibos. thai rooibos ingredients:Rooibos, cinnamon, ginger root, coconut pieces, cardamom seed, lemongrass, cardamom flavor, vanilla flavor. Contains natural flavors. zingiber ginger coconut rooibos ingredients:Rooibos, ginger pieces, candied coconut pieces (coconut, sugar), natural flavor, cinnamon, apple pieces, cardamom, black…

zingiber ginger coconut rooibos

this is one of my favorite teas, definitely a comfort tea for makes me wanna sit, wrapped in blankets, in a comfy chair and just enjoy being warm. the smell..  mmm…the taste…  mmm…high five to whomever came up with this blend,and seriously,RIP teavana steep time: 5minssteep temp: 205º Fadded: 3 teaspoons of pearl sugar

organic ceremonial super premium matcha tea

so I bought this tea on amazon over a year ago and I\’ve been aching to try it.the bf really likes green tea so I wanted to try it with him.and, for christmas, I got a matcha bowl.  (I purchased a milk frother when I bought the matcha) disclaimers:1) the matcha has expired2) my thermometer…

french super blue lavendar

yay cleaned my kettleboooh this still looks like swampwater still smells good thoughtastes nice as welljust unfortuntately unattractive steep time: 5 minssteep temp: 200º Fadded: n/a pic off their site:

belgian pearl sugar

I\’ve started working full-time and while I haven\’t been posting here I assure you I\’ve been having 2-3 mugs of harney\’s hot cinnamon spice every day.yum~ since teavana has closed (well, the website has, and that was my access to teavana), I\’ve been worried not only about losing my favorite teas, but also about losing access…

jumpy monkey

I ordered all of davidstea\’s high caffeine teasI\’m currently studying for a stats final, so I thought I\’d give it a go.I decided on jumpy monkey because the tin says \”sweet energy\” it smells great.  this is surprising to me because I don\’t usually like the way coffee smells(off the tin: \”with four types of…

french super blue lavendar

the picture of this tea on harney\’s website shows such a bold purple that I was eager to try it,especially after hearing of a white tea with lavender tea that has been discontinued since teavana has closed. when I got to the kitchen I was greeted with a kettle filled with this sickly green colored…

victorian london fog

I did mention that harney is 20% off for the holidays, right?>_> yeah so london fog is supposed to be earl grey with steamed milk..  like a latte, right?this stuff is black & oolong tea, bergamot oil, lavender, and vanilla flavor. I\’m excited to try it!I\’m a little worried about the steeping procedure (they recommend 212º…

raja oolong chai

I got the rebound sampler set from adagio earlier this week and finally got the chance to try one.I started with raja oolong since, even though it\’s not as cold anymore, I still like black spicy teas in cold weather.  even though it\’s an oolong, close enough imo. the raja oolong is pretty heavy on the…

hot cinnamon spice

before I order more I wanted to be sure I like I made another round of hot cinnamon spice.still smells great.still tastes great.I\’m ordering more. steep time: 5 minssteep temp: 212º Fadded: 3 teaspoons of rock sugar SaveSave


I\’m fixing to order a tin of harney\’s hot cinnamon spice for the office and thought I\’d try another harney flavor before I make the purchase (in case I wanna grab more of whatever I try).I looked them all over, and it\’s fucking cold out, so I wanted to try a black tea that I…

duchess grey

this is elmwood inn\’s version of duchess greyit\’s ok.  I\’m kinda in a foul mood and I\’m not sure how much that\’s affecting my enjoyment of this tea./shrug steep time: 3:30 minssteep temp: 212º Fadded: 3 teaspoons of rock sugar

vanilla chai

so, do you remember how great the hot cinnamon spice from harney was?well I do. in the move, I found some bags of cinnamon tea (black) by bigelow.and we all know how much I love I made a cup.  since I didn\’t know the age I decided to use two bags.  dry they didn\’t smell…

jade citrus mint

I\’ve had entirely too much sugar so I switched to a favorite – jade citrus mint!I finished off the last bit that was in the tin but luckily I\’ve got several bags of fortuitous!(not really, I stocked up as soon as I heard about teavana) steep time: 1:30 minssteep temp: 170º Fadded: n/a

hot cinnamon spice

even with this tea being one of their bestsellers, I was still pretty hesitant about ordering it, but with 20% off I decided to take a\’s delicious y\’all!for real!it smells like big red gum, so I was worried, but the taste is a bit more mild and really good.glad I took a chance. I also used…

earl grey

trying to finish up the last of my rock sugar before the new shipment comes in.also wanna try some adagio rock sugar in the meantime.and don\’t wanna be forced to have two mugs so sticking to bags atm. steep time: 2 minssteep temp: ~ 200º Fadded: 4 teaspoons of rock sugar

gone in two days, plus a rebound

I didn\’t get to post this yesterday,on 11/29 I received an email from teavana indicating the online store would be closing on 12/15.on 12/01 I received an email from teavan indicating the online store closed. in 2 fucking days the entire online selection sold out. I was telling the bf on 11/29 (in the evening) about…

earl grey

after how fucking terrible that nutty granola crunch was, I haven\’t even wanted to approach my \”tea station\”but I\’m cold, and you can never truly go wrong with earl grey.unfortunately, there is still the stench of the nutty granola crunch (I left the package out) and it overpowered the sweet scent of earl grey. steep…

RIP teavana

I just got an email from teavana:TEAVANA.COM IS CLOSING 12/15/17 from the FAQ: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSWe are thankful for our online customers who have shared our love of Teavana loose leaf tea over the years. Effective December 15th, 2017 11:59 PST, Teavana will no longer be available for sale on Teavana remains available in…

nutty granola crunch

it smells like a peanut butter cookie  >_>I didn\’t know this, and I mean this sincerely, but I didn\’t know that I didn\’t want to drink something warm that smells like a peanut butter cookie.dunno how it\’s gonna go steep time: 5 minssteep temp: 205º Fadded: 1 teaspoon of rock sugar update: yuck! update 2:…

wild sweet orange

after how much sweetness I\’ve had today I wanted something that doesn\’t need anything added, to be perfectly honest, I don\’t think I\’ll be purchasing this guy again, and while I do have quite a few bags left I wanna move my vanilla chai into this guy\’s spot on the tea organizer. steep time:…

chai pumpkin spice and vanilla chai

it\’s not bad, by any means, but I really expected it to taste better.I imagined the vanilla and the pumpkin spice would really complement each other, but instead, they seem to be battling it out./shrugstill good, just not what I had been hoping for. steep time: 4 minssteep temp: ~ 200º Fadded: 4 teaspoons of…

vanilla chai

double bagged, added half & half…  goes sooooo great with those cookies I mentioned yesterday steep time: 4 minssteep temp: ~ 200º Fadded: 4 teaspoons of rock sugar, 1 half & half

vanilla chai

found these cookies in the cupboard and they go really well with vanilla chai.up next: gonna do one bag each of vanilla and pumpkin spice chai steep time: 4 minssteep temp: ~ 200º Fadded: 3 teapsoons of rock sugar

white chocolate peppermint

I\’m still disappointed that the tin this stuff came in is not air tight, especially since I paid more for the tin =/ steep time: 5 minssteep temp: 205º Fadded: 2 teaspoons of rock sugar

lady grey

funny story,my mug keeps teas hot for quite a while, so I often have to wait for teas to become cool enough to drink.I\’m reading a book, and at some point I reach over for a swig of tea..oO(hrm…  this tastes like a milder earl grey)and then I remembered what tea I was drinking.lolthe leaves…

holiday tea

harney & sons is having a sale for black friday and I was on the verge of ordering a 4 oz tin of holiday tea when I remembered they sent me a bag of\’s still too hot to drink but judging by the smell I don\’t think I\’ll be buying any more of it.we\’ll…

earl grey creme

I\’ve had this package for ages but never got around to tasting it until\’s pretty subtle, and I like it. steep time: 2:30minssteep temp: 205º Fadded: 4 teaspoons of rock sugar

sweet dreams

… are made of these… this is prolly my favorite bagged\’s so…  comforting and a blanket in a cup. steep time: 4 minssteep temp: ~ 195º Fadded: n/a

earl grey

I always feel like twinings is really weak, plus I have a 13 oz mug rather than an 8 I double bagged it.def much stronger, and tastes much better, but it is a bit too strong now.I\’m thinking about adding half & half.but still, I like it much more than when single bagged. steep…

earl grey supreme

I was browsing r/tea and ran a search for earl grey to see what all those folks thought.several times people would mention harney & sons\’ earl grey supreme.I was on the verge of ordering some when it was time for a new pot,and guess what I already own?lolit is way better than taylors, btw.  much…

earl grey

I\’m gonna make it an earl grey day.I love bigelow\’s earl grey, especially the smell that hits me when I tear open a packet.but I have a few different brands of earl grey, so I\’m interested in which is my favorite.I also recently discovered that bigelow has a loose leaf earl grey, that I am very…

earl grey

I\’ve been drinking tea at work but since I\’m in a communal area I\’m not taking pics of my tea.I left the tropical green up there and while the first cup is always remarkably bitter I do enjoy it. of course, who doesn\’t enjoy the glorious earl grey?esp with a couple of almond biscotti(qq I\’m…

tropical green

I am still trying to work out a good time/temp for this guy.ugh.pic from one of the several cups I had this morning steep time: 4 minssteep temp: 160 º Fadded: n/a

wild sweet orange

I wanted something more bitter after I-dunno-how-many cups of heavily sweetened earl grey steep time: 5 minssteep temp: ~ 200º Fadded: n/a

earl grey

because some like it sweet 😡I love bigelow\’s earl grey.  seriously love it, just the smell when I tear open the packet makes me happy.a cup of this, heavy on the sweet, with one of those chocolate pumpkin pie biscotto…gonna be a great morning/glances at clockwhatevs steep time: 2:30 minssteep temp: ~ 200º Fadded: 4…

english breakfast

decided to go with old faithful after the failure of last mug\’s tea.also breaking out one of the chocolate pumpkin pie biscotto to help ease my suffering steep time: 4 minssteep temp: ~ 200º Fadded: 4 teaspoons of rock sugar

organic acas white

so double bagging has actually really improved this tea.I have a 14 oz mug and the bags are for 8 oz of water so it\’s not really surprising.I only had 5 bags left and have been so happy with double bagging that I decided to triple bag one mug so instead of 2 mugs with…

cococaramel sea salt

yay getting rid of teas~did not even have enough for a batch of this stuff, but I didn\’t wanna just throw the last bit away.I don\’t remember if I liked it when I had it last, but I\’m not optimistic as the first ingredient listed is \”cocoa kernals, \” with \”chocolate flakes\” listed shortly after….