zingiber ginger coconut

and I thought it was cold yesterday! had to break out my all time favorite tea to deal with this shit

tropical green

with how cold it’s been this made me think of warmer times

honey lemon ginseng

bigelow’s earl grey used to be my favorite bagged tea but I’m not sure that’s still the case.

chai ultra spice

love how my office smells ^_^ it’s a bit mild so I’ll prolly try double bagging the next round

ginger & peach

was eating candy straight out of the cauldron yesterday and my stomach has been bitching all morning =/ love this tea though, smells so great

chai maybe?

I’m back bitches! moved to wordpress since blogger doesn’t have an app. hopefully more to come!

peppermint bark

this is delicious! dunno if it is actually my favorite or just the most recent one I\’ve had but I do no that I am super happy with bigelow\’s christmas teas ^_^ steep time: 5 mins steep temp: 208º F added: 2 perfecteaspoons of rock sugar

ginger snappish

pretty happy with this guy as well, both taste and smell! steep time: 5 mins steep temp: 208º F added: two perfecteaspoons of rock sugar

back in business!

got one off ebay ^_^ came canada post so took ages (arrived yesterday) but the seller packaged it really REALLY well so gonna try to order several more

white chocolate peppermint

I\’m being festive! and nostalgic 😦 I\’ll be so sad when I get through my stash steep time: 5mins steep temp: 205º F added: 2 perfecteaspoons of rock sugar


tastes nothing like egg nog but is quite tasty nonetheless 🙂 steep time: 5 mins steep temp: 205º F added: 3 perfecteaspoons of rock sugar

sweet dreams (again)

I have been through about an entire box of sweet dreams in the last week or so… it\’s been cold out and with my gimp teeth (dunno if I mentioned it here but I got 2 of my wisdom teeth removed the monday of thanksgiving week and could not eat solid food for about 3…

holiday tea

brrr.. it\’s cold out! and I keep forgetting to buy eggnog but I still wanted to be festive so I broke out holiday tea by harney. it\’s pretty good only I wish I\’d sweetened it a bit more. it also smells suspiciously of chocolate so I was worried but it\’s gone better than expected. steep…

sweet dreams

been having a pretty spastic day and as I mentioned earlier I broke my sloth sachet rest this morning. ugh. so pulled out sweet dreams and am hoping for a better rest of my day. steep time: 5 mins steep temp: 208º F added: nada


and it’s no longer available at davidstea.com (well, at least not the US site). I ordered one on ebay and emailed davidstea asking if there’s any way they would ship to the US. /sigh


the description says: A flavorful blend of black tea, cranberry, and almond flavors, Boston tea was inspired by the famous bogs south of New England\’s \’city on a hill.\’ well let me tell you, this stuff is pretty foul. heavy artificial flavor. tbf, I used about 3 spoonfuls of tea for my one mug, so…

sisters are the best

my sisters got me the coolest thing for christmas!it\’s a giant fake book filled with tea!

I\'ve not actually died

but my desktop computer did.I keep taking photos of teas and then never getting around to uploading them since it\’s such a hassle right now.but rest assured, I am definitely still drinking tea.especially my current go-to: forever nutsI know it\’s pricy potpourri but I love it!

american buzz

I didn\’t initially add any sugar and was pretty foul.I added a couple of perfecteaspoons and it really improved, though still a bit bitter.my next cup I steeped at 195º F and it went much better but I\’m still not sure if I\’d order it again. steep time: 5 minssteep temp: 205º Fadded: 2 perfecteaspoons…

moroccan mint

I got an order in from harney today that I took up to the office with me.I\’m trying to find a replacement for teavana\’s jade citrus mint.this was pretty good, but tbh it was no jade citrus mint =/ steep time: 50 secondssteep temp: 270º Fadded: n/a

lemon ginger

was at the neighborhood walmart and saw this!so excited to try – bigelow is a \”guilty\” pleasure of mine 😡 I picked up another lemon tea I found at world market but once I saw this one I knew I\’d be trying it first ^_^ it smells strongly of ginger, less so than lemon.tbh it…

lemon herbal

I really Really REALLY wanna try bigelow\’s I love lemon but I\’ve never seen it in stores.so of course I checked harney.com and they\’ve got a lemon tea.I had some rewards points at harney so off I went! fun fact: my two most recent harney orders are both from jan 6, one in 2018 and one in…

earl grey

I added lemon!I\’ve been wanting to try it this way for-fucking-ever!the verdict? it\’s only ok.I will prolly do it again since I only used half a packet of true lemon, so I wanna use the rest of the packet and of course I wanna try it with fresh lemon! also I have some turtle pecan biscotti…

green tea with lemon

it snowed relatively heavily so I\’m def not leaving the house today.instead I\’m enjoying a nice cup of green tea with lemon. steep time: 2 minssteep temp: 175º Fadded: n/a

white cucumber

the first tea of the cold season!such pressure! I had nearly decided on some chai but found this next to my kettle. it smells like white tea…  ya know? that distinct white tea smell.it\’s actually quite good but doesn\’t taste a thing like cucumber.nor is it fresh, but I\’m wrapped in an electric blanket cuddling…

random gift

one of the girls I work with saw this mug and thought of meit\’s adorable!and fortuitous for me since I\’ve been wanting a non double-walled mug.

OXO On Adjustable Temperature Electric Pour-Over Kettle

I had two bonavitas, one in each size, and was pretty unhappy with the 1.7L.though my 1L has a bit of rust, the 1.7L had several problems.the 1.7L was extremely loud, the kettle itself was too tall to fill in my sink at home, and then to top it all off, it leaked from the…

ginger & liquorice

I\’ve been sick and was browsing harney.com when I came upon this tea.to my surprise I\’d already ordered a sample, so I brewed it up this afternoon.I\’m not sure if it\’s because I\’m sick, but it was just too spicey for me to enjoy.def gonna order another sample and give it a try when my…

french super blue lavender

yay got a new kettle for home!  it\’s actually the same kettle I have at work but instead of 1 liter it\’s 1.7 liters.I also got a new steeper, again it\’s just the big brother of the one I have at work.both new kettle and new steeper pictured below. of course, I decided to try…

peach bellini

you know, it smells an awful lot like peach serenity. peach serenity ingredients:Blended With Apple Pieces, Rose Hips, Natural Peach Flavor, Pineapple Pieces, Lemon Verbena, Chamomile Flowers & Apricots peach bellini ingredients:Blended With Apple Pieces, Orange Peels, Natural Peach Flavor, Strawberries, Rose Petals, Mango Pieces, Pineapple Pieces, Apricots & Papaya Flavor /shrugI actually read the…

peach serenity

I got off work early today so I decided to take the opportunity to try a new tea.^_^ I\’ve been regretting never trying teavana\’s peach tranquility since now that teavana\’s gone a few folks have posted on r/tea asking for help finding a replacement.  the descriptions sound amazing!I\’ve also been poking around adagio looking at…

on hold

welp, I\’ve been terrible about updating the blog with what teas I\’ve ben drinking at work.so, I am gonna officially place this blog on hold for the time being. I do plan on starting school again soon-ish, and when that happens I\’ll be back to spending more time at my desk.until then, I will only…

jade citrus mint

nothing like the lovely jade citrus mint to help me feel better after a night of grossness steep time: 2 minssteep temp: 175º Fadded: n/a

lapsang souchong

it smells like liquid smoke imo,and I\’m kinda scared to taste it =/ will upload pics once I get home edit:pics and thoughts.welp, I couldn\’t drink it.  even though it tasted fine it smelled too much like machacado.gonna give it another try but I don\’t expect it to go well. steep time: 5 minssteep temp:…

hot cinnamon spice

yep, totally digging the hot cinnamon spice with no sugar. steep time: 5 minssteep temp: 195º Fadded: n/a

hot cinnamon spice

people keep saying that harney\’s hot cinnamon spice is sweet enough on its own but I just wasn\’t buying it.finally decided to try it today and yeah, it\’s actually great without sugar.go figure./shrug steep time: 5 minssteep temp: 195º Fadded: n/a

jade citrus mint

since most of my tea drinking now takes place at the office, I thought I\’d start keeping you updated.assuming there\’s time, of course.  I meant to start yesterday but was too busy. no pics since we all know what jade citrus mint looks like ^_~ steep time: 2 minssteep temp: 175º Fadded: n/a

sweet dreams

I took some jade citrus mint up to work, have def been enjoying it.didn\’t wanna commit to two mugs tonight, though, since we might have company.plus, love this one for sure steep time: 5 minssteep temp: ~ 200º Fadded: n/a

white vanilla grapefruit

sorry,I am still drinking tea at work,but not only am I in a communal area,but I\’ve not tried any new teas.until today. this stuff smells terrrrible!reeks of old ladybut, it does taste pretty good. steep time: 4 minssteep temp: 175º Fadded: n/a at work I\’ve got:– thai rooibos– earl grey supreme– tropical green– hot cinnamon…

thai rooibos

since teavana is gone I am hoping this guy, thai rooibos, can replace my zingiber ginger coconut rooibos. thai rooibos ingredients:Rooibos, cinnamon, ginger root, coconut pieces, cardamom seed, lemongrass, cardamom flavor, vanilla flavor. Contains natural flavors. zingiber ginger coconut rooibos ingredients:Rooibos, ginger pieces, candied coconut pieces (coconut, sugar), natural flavor, cinnamon, apple pieces, cardamom, black…

zingiber ginger coconut rooibos

this is one of my favorite teas, definitely a comfort tea for me.it makes me wanna sit, wrapped in blankets, in a comfy chair and just enjoy being warm. the smell..  mmm…the taste…  mmm…high five to whomever came up with this blend,and seriously,RIP teavana steep time: 5minssteep temp: 205º Fadded: 3 teaspoons of pearl sugar

organic ceremonial super premium matcha tea

so I bought this tea on amazon over a year ago and I\’ve been aching to try it.the bf really likes green tea so I wanted to try it with him.and, for christmas, I got a matcha bowl.  (I purchased a milk frother when I bought the matcha) disclaimers:1) the matcha has expired2) my thermometer…

french super blue lavendar

yay cleaned my kettleboooh this still looks like swampwater still smells good thoughtastes nice as welljust unfortuntately unattractive steep time: 5 minssteep temp: 200º Fadded: n/a pic off their site: