crème caramel rooibos

after the horror that was the salted caramel flavored beam I was hesitant to try this. smells fine though, and the taste is pretty mild. should’ve added sugar though, hah

alpine punch

this smells like teavana’s zingiber ginger coconut tea and tastes like it!! 250g ordered!

roasted chestnut

y”all! this smells SO good! but the taste? doesn’t match up with the smell 😦 it’s not bad, but the smell is just so yum that the taste is disappointing

cotton candy

didn’t smell like cotton candy until the hot water hit it, but then def did! tastes like cotton candy too but now that it’s cooling it smells kinda like plastic =/

zingiber ginger coconut

and I thought it was cold yesterday! had to break out my all time favorite tea to deal with this shit