honey lemon ginseng

like an idiot I left my coat at work so prepping for the drive with some tea

japanese sencha

should’ve lowered the temp so kinda bitter. and no jasmine or anything to take the edge off. qq

jasmine green tea

forgot to post my first mug but I like it. nice and floral and really takes the edge off green tea. considering doing one bag of plain green tea and one bag of jasmine green tea to see where it takes us. edit: it took us to a pretty nice spot, lol

honey lemon ginseng

dreary weather and it’s kinda cold out so having some tea while studying

green tea

man I’d forgotten how bitter straight green tea is

honey lemon ginseng

my allergies are fucking me right now so my throat is a bit scratchy, ugh! this tea always makes me feel better ^_^

cucumber mint

was super excited to try this but man… it doesn’t even smell good =/

honey lemon ginseng

oof drank several mugs yesterday and didn’t realize I was so close to finishing the box! only have one bag left but do have a grocery pickup scheduled for tomorrow and gonna try a few new flavors as well as replenishing this one

tropical green

with how cold it’s been this made me think of warmer times

honey lemon ginseng

bigelow’s earl grey used to be my favorite bagged tea but I’m not sure that’s still the case.