crème caramel rooibos

after the horror that was the salted caramel flavored beam I was hesitant to try this. smells fine though, and the taste is pretty mild. should’ve added sugar though, hah

sweet tart

still rather tart even with the added sugar

jingle bell chai

tea is pretty nice but prolly shouldn’t have added sugar I bought another finum brewing basket, the floating one to fit in my new 8 oz mugs. it does fit but there’s not a lot of room around it to pour water… and then it ends up getting completely submerged when I place my tea…

alpine punch

this smells like teavana’s zingiber ginger coconut tea and tastes like it!! 250g ordered!

sleigh ride

this smells SO good! it starts off kinda mellow but then ends with a small kick in the face, hah!

zesty wishes

it smells kinda like chai so considering adding cream and sugar edit: added rock sugar

david’s breakfast blend

meh, even with the added stuff it’s still kinda bitter. would try steeping at a lower temp if I had it again.

9 berries

just a berry kind of day, I guess

let it snow

sample size smells divine. would def purchase separately, yum~

fireside mocha

I don’t like coffee and I don’t like chocolate in my tea . it doesn’t even smell good =/ edit: surprisingly, it tastes pretty good. way better than it smells.

roasted chestnut

y”all! this smells SO good! but the taste? doesn’t match up with the smell 😦 it’s not bad, but the smell is just so yum that the taste is disappointing

japanese sencha

should’ve lowered the temp so kinda bitter. and no jasmine or anything to take the edge off. qq

north star

kinda citrusy kinda minty kinda ok edit: actually now that I’ve finished it (read: dumped it down the drain), it tasted kinda like watered down orange juice that tastes like it smells when it smells like it’s gone bad

merry mistletoe

I didn’t add any sugar and I can’t decide if I want to. it’s kinda tart but in a nice sort of way. it kinda reminds me of teavana’s dragonfruit devotion. yum~

witchy watermelon

I wanted a do-over after how good the sample was! I may have overdone it with how much tea I used (can see how the cup isn’t full) but I didn’t want to risk it being weak/watered-down yum!

forever frosty

it smells great but kinda tart.. needs a bit of sugar added imo, and will prolly add some on my next mug

witchy watermelon

it smells amazing but unfortunately the taste is rather watered down (though great so I wish it was properly strong). I need to start keeping an 8oz mug at the office for samples like these. I got the halloween countdown calendar from davidstea but since they’re in canada it took a while to get here….

forever nuts

first day without my partner in crime so I needed a pick-me-up

cotton candy

didn’t smell like cotton candy until the hot water hit it, but then def did! tastes like cotton candy too but now that it’s cooling it smells kinda like plastic =/

organic blueberry jam

it smells delightful but a but tastes a bit chemically so if I get it again I would steep at a lower temp. still pretty good, though