earl grey

gonna go great with some blueberry scones ^_^

jingle bell chai

tea is pretty nice but prolly shouldn’t have added sugar I bought another finum brewing basket, the floating one to fit in my new 8 oz mugs. it does fit but there’s not a lot of room around it to pour water… and then it ends up getting completely submerged when I place my tea…

constant comment

trying to get a paper done for school but taking a quick tea break before diving back in

david’s breakfast blend

meh, even with the added stuff it’s still kinda bitter. would try steeping at a lower temp if I had it again.


steeped at a much lower temp so it’s not bitter… but perhaps a bit overboard with the sugar lol. will try just 1 perfecteaspoon next time, hah


kinda bitter… will prolly lower the steeping temp and add some sugar

organic blueberry jam

it smells delightful but a but tastes a bit chemically so if I get it again I would steep at a lower temp. still pretty good, though

spiced chai

I never can decide how to frame this to include the box =/

holiday tea

I was really excited to try this but it’s dreadful! I may try again at a lower temp but ugh so far

chai ultra spice

love how my office smells ^_^ it’s a bit mild so I’ll prolly try double bagging the next round

chai maybe?

I’m back bitches! moved to wordpress since blogger doesn’t have an app. hopefully more to come!