stay well

really hoping to turn around this territory day I’m having

prince of wales

coworker’s wife was cleaning out their tea drawer and gifted me a few teas. this is a nice strong black tea but it’s making me want earl grey =/

blackberry sage

the time listed is a lie. forgot to start a timer and came back to it at last 20 mins later. tastes fine though.

earl grey

gonna go great with some blueberry scones ^_^

honey lemon ginseng

like an idiot I left my coat at work so prepping for the drive with some tea

constant comment

trying to get a paper done for school but taking a quick tea break before diving back in

kava stress relief

I’d forgotten how great this smells! edit: subsequent servings double bagged and steeped for 7 mins at 205° F

broncaid tea

got this at the grocery store last week… smells like sweet dreams. tastes like sweet dreams too, with just a hint of a kick at the end. I like it a lot.

stay well

it’s already shaping up to be one of those days so def gonna need a pick-me-up and this is just the thing!

pure peppermint

smells nice. prolly gonna try a green tea + peppermint combo here shortly

too hot to drink atm but def smells like sweet dreams…

jasmine green tea

forgot to post my first mug but I like it. nice and floral and really takes the edge off green tea. considering doing one bag of plain green tea and one bag of jasmine green tea to see where it takes us. edit: it took us to a pretty nice spot, lol


steeped at a much lower temp so it’s not bitter… but perhaps a bit overboard with the sugar lol. will try just 1 perfecteaspoon next time, hah

stay well

this is SO good y’all! def double bag it too, yum~

glazed lemon loaf

found a box of these in the kitchen pantry at the office while looking for disposable spoons. it’s pretty nice. smells amazing but did need a bit of sugar

honey lemon ginseng

dreary weather and it’s kinda cold out so having some tea while studying


kinda bitter… will prolly lower the steeping temp and add some sugar

calm stomach

been drinking sweet dreams for most of the week but I love the mild peach flavor and sharpness from the ginger of this one. just added a couple more of the bigelow benefits line to my grocery cart, hah!

sweet dreams

super comforting- like a warm blanket on my insides!

raspberry herbal

one of my former coworkers gifted me his bag of sachets when he left the company. it’s a raspberry kinda day /shiver

spiced chai

I never can decide how to frame this to include the box =/

green tea

man I’d forgotten how bitter straight green tea is

honey lemon ginseng

my allergies are fucking me right now so my throat is a bit scratchy, ugh! this tea always makes me feel better ^_^

turmeric ginger

this is fucking intense! so spicy! but def helping with my stuffed up nose